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How to choose a suitable repeater manufacturer from China?


There are hundreds of repeater suppliers in China, how to choose a suitable repeater manufacturer from China is very important for the buyer?

Here are points for your reference. 


1) Finding out a real manufacturer instead of trading comanpies. 

There are many Chinese companies publish on their websites or other platforms as they are manufacturers, but it maybe not true, some of them are trading companies , please pay more attention to identifying if they are a real manufacturer or not .


2) Checking information of the manufactuer, like history, workers, location, production capacity,international reputation ect.  what types of certificates of the manufaturer has  Such as ISO cetrificate, CE certificates, Fromal Approval from reputation clients?


3) Finding out what the manufacturer making?

There are some manufacturers making consumer repeaters only , some manufacturers making consumer repeaters and mobile operator repeatrs both. As we all know different market demands with different qualities and prices.Please find the manufacturer meet your real demand. 


4) Discussing the way of coopertion. 

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