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Quad band combiner | Quadplexer with  DIN Type Connector

Quad band combiner | Quadplexer with DIN Type Connector

Model: AT0504010726DF

Product Description

Quadplexer Combiner (4 ports In - 1 port Out)

Operating Frequency Band Ports:

Port1: 698~960MHz;

Port2: 1710~1880MHz;

Port3: 1920~2170MHz;

Port4: 2300~2700MHz;


1. Technology available: 5G/4G/3G/2G/WiFi.

2. Frequency available: 698~960MHz, 1710~1880MHz, 1920~2170MHz, 2300~2700MHz.

3. Connector type: 4.3-10 Female/DIN Female.

4. High quality: low PIM to -163dBc, insertion loss below 0.3dB, and isolation from 50dB.

This is a different band combiner, whose frequency can be customized for all operators. Designed with 4 inputs and 1 outputs, the Quadplexer Combiner can efficiently integrate multiple different bands and transmit the overall band respectively through multiple ports. For unused ports they can be terminated with low PIM dummy loads. The whole case is under IP66 waterproof, which can be applied to both indoor and outdoor. It would be your good choice for IBS/BTS system.

Technical Specification

Type4Ports In-1Port Out
PortsPort 1Port 2Port 3Port 4
Operating Frequency(Customized)698~960MH1710~1880MHz1920~2170MHz2300~2700MHz
lnsertion Loss≤0.35dB @698~960MHz
≤0.35dB @1710~1880MHz
≤0.35dB @1920~2170MHz
≤0.35dB @2300~2700MHz
lsolation Between Bands≥ 50dB
PIM3≤-160dBc@2 x 20W
Power Handling≤200W
Connector Type4.3-10 Female/DIN Female
Applicatianlndoor or Outdoor(IP67)
Operating Temperature-20℃ to+65℃
Relative Humidity5%~95%
DC/AISG TransparencyBy-Pass(Max.3000mA)
Lightning Protection10kA,10/35us pulse
MountingWall or Mast Mount

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