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Mobile Terminal Electronic Fence

Mobile Terminal Electronic Fence

Model: ATJ5-050-56

Product Description

The mobile terminal electronic fence / Mobile Terminal's Identification Number Acquisition Device simulates and tranmits the broadcast signals from mobile communication network, then the surrounding mobile terminals in standby mode more are induced to intiate the location update process because the change of location area are obtained by the terminals, thus mobile terminal reports and registers IMEI/IMSI to the mobile terminal electric fence , this process completes the acquisition of the information of mobile terminals in the coverage area.



1. High speed collection of three codes (IMEI, IMSI, TMSI).

2. Support wired/wireless transmission data and data encryption storage.

3. Support remote configuration management and software upgrade.

4. Support users to capture back-end alarms, communication restrictions and short message.

5. Support collision query, accompanying query, track playback, resident population analysis, GPS position report, and no disturbance to white list communication.

6. Support alarm for system failure, high load, VSWR, overpower, power failure, radio closing, etc.



It is used for: Prisons, Highway gates, Main road, Stations, Harbors, Airports, Scenic spots, Exhibition centers, Basements, Shopping malls.

Technical Specification

Frequency Bands(Customized)FDD-LTE800
Working StyleActive
Output Power(Customized)30 dBm/ .../40dBm per Band
Receiving Sensitivity-100dBm
Speed of Code Sweeping>1500pcs / min
Static Capture Rate>95%
Dynamic Capture Rate>95%@40 to 60 km/h.>80%@60 to 85 km/h
Coverage AreaUp to 500m (Related to Output Power of Device and Wireless Environment)
Target ReleaseNoamal Communication Impact Time:<4s
Time Set
Data Return ModeWireless/Wired Transmission
lnstallationFxed/Vehicle/Modular Installation
Applicationlndoor or Outdoor (IP65)
Antenna lnterface for Lightning ProtectionOptional
Connector TypeSMA-Female/N-Female
Operation Temperature Range-20℃~ +50℃
Relative Humidity Range≤95% (Non Condensing)
Power Supply(Customized)AC110V or AC220V,50/60Hz
Dimensions500×440×140 mm
Weight≤25 kg

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