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Model: ATGT12-2/ ATGT12-4/ATDT12-2/ATDT12-4

Product Description

Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA), also known as Mast Head Amplifier (MHA), is a cost-effective solution for operators to enhance uplink sensitivity and thus improving the overall network performance of the BTS. It is generally installed at the top of the tower, as near as to the receiving antenna, trying best to reduce noise figure and weak signal area.


1. Frequency coverage: 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, etc. 

2. Multi-unit design for multi-band TMA, without disturbing other band operation and future band addition.

3. Low PIM and minimized insertion loss.

4. Effectively remove extra interference with built-in filter while increasing uplink signal.

5. Alarm management with integrated AISG2.0.

6. Supporting RF bypass and variable gain.


1. Base Transceiver Stations

2. Mobile masts

Technical Specification

Working Frequency(Customize)Band1824~849 MHz869~894MHz
Band2890~915 MHz


Band3171~1785 MHz


≤±0.5 dB--
Noise Figure≤1.8 dB--
Group Delay45 ns max over any 5MHz in Rx band
Return Loss in By Pass Mode>15dB>18dB
Return Loss in Normal Mode>17dB>18dB
Max Input Power<12dBm--
lnsert Loss in by-pass Mode2.8dB max0.50dB typ.,0.70dB max
lnter-modulation Products in RX Band<-112dBm(2 Tx carriers at+43dBm)(Power up)
Output 1 dB Compression>20 dBm--
I/O Impedance
Power SupplyDC10~30V
Operating Current per TMA (Without RET)Nom.280mA at 10V/Nom. 110 mA at 30V
Power Handing2.5KWPEAK; 200w AVG
Alarm Management(Optional)AISG
MaterialAluminum housing
RF Connector7/16 DIN female
AISG Connector(Optional)8-pin female,IEC 60130-9(Pin 3: RS485B, pin 5: RS485A, pin1&pin 6: 9- 30V DC, pin 7: DC return, other pins: not connected)
Working Temperature Range-40~+65℃
ApplicationsIndoor or Outdoor(IP66)
EMCAccording to ETS 300 342-3
MTBF>1000 000 hours (per TMA)

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