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LTE2600 RF Power Amplifier Modules For Repeater / IMSI Catcher

LTE2600 RF Power Amplifier Modules For Repeater / IMSI Catcher

Model: ATHRPL2655M-70-43/50N4

Product Description

Action Amplifiers are suitable for frequency bands ranging from 20MHz to 6GHz, the output power can be customized from 1 Watts to 200 Watts. The amplifiers utilize the cutting edge Solid-State technologies, such as GaN, LDMOS, with multi-measures, such as advanced broadband RF matching networks and combining technologies(Doherty design), then provide exceptional performance with high gain, high efficiency, wide dynamic range, low distortions, and good linearity.  The amplifiers have a variety of applications including Aerospace, Military, Radar, Electronic Warfare, Communication system(Repeater/BDA,RF Jammer, IMSI catcher), SATCOM, EMI/RFI testing, Lab test and measurement, PIM testing and so on. Action Technilogies’s ISO9001:2015 quality management system assures consistent performance, high reliability and ruggedness.


  • Solid-state Class AB design

  • High gain and high efficiency 

  • High input/output isolation

  • Ultra-wide band 

  • Compact design and lightweight 

  • Built-in protection and monitoring circuits 

Technical Specification

Frequency Range2620MHz~2690MHz2500MHz~2570MHz
Output Power43±1dBm-5±1dBm
Max Gain50±1dB25±1dB
Gain Adjustment Range≥20dB@1dB Step≥20dB@1dB Step
Gain Adjustment Error≤±1.5dB≤±1.5dB
In-Band Ripple≤2.0dB≤2.0dB
Spurious Emission≤-36dBm/9KHz-1GHz
Noise Figure --≤1.8dB
Maximum Input Power0dBm-10dBm
Working VoltageDC+28V
Working Current≤3.5A
RF Connector

1XSMA Female for PA OUT

4XMCX Female for PA IN & LNA IN & LNA OUT,

Power Supply and Monitoring Interface


Pin 1 Corresponds to RS485 Serial Port A;

Pin 2 Corresponds to RS485 Serial Port B;

Pin 3&4 Correspond to GND;

Pin 5 Corresponds to the PA Enable/Disable Switch, High Level (+3.3V) Means the Power Amplifier is OFF, Low Level (0V) Means the Power Amplifier is ON, the Factory Default Low Level (0V);

Pin 6 Corresponds to DC+28V;

Working Temperature-40℃~+65℃

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