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Mobifone DAS material tender 2022 project


Shenzhen Action Provide Das solutions cover GSM, WCDMA, LTE, 5G  applications ranging from 698 MHz to 3800MHz. They comprise of fiber optic master and remote unit repeaters (for active DAS), point-of-interface (POI) signal combining racks, IBS antennas, passive components (splitters, couplers, hybrids, attenuators), fiber optic cable assemblies, and RF coaxial cables and jumpers.


App1_Specifications of Indoor MIMO Omni Ceiling Antenna_698-2700MHz_NF_-153dBc(AT0101062706360NF-3_Y03_20221201)

App2.1_Specifications of 1-2” Feeder Cable(AT0201201_Y03_20221201)

App2.2_Specifications of 7-8”  Feeder Cable(AT0207801_Y03_20221201)

App3.1_Specifications of 4.3-10 Male Connector for 1-2” Feeder Cable(AT0443M01201_Y03_20221201)

App3.2_Specifications of N Male Connector for 1-2” Feeder Cable(AT04NM01201_Y03_20221201)

App3.3_Specifications of N Male Right Angle Connector for 1-2” Feeder Cable(AT04NMR01201_Y03_20221201)

App3.4_Specifications of N Male Connector for 7-8” Feeder Cable(AT04NM07801_Y03_20221201)

App3.5_Specifications of 4.3-10 Male Connector for 7-8” Feeder Cable(AT0443M07801_Y03_20221201)

App3.6_Specifications of DIN Male Connector for 1-2” Feeder Cable(AT04DM01201_Y03_20221201)

App3.7_Specifications of N Male to N Female Right Angle Adaptor(AT04NMRNF01_Y03_20221201)

App4.1_Specifications of 2-Way Power Splitter_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT0601020627NF-1_Y03_20221201)

App4.2_Specifications of 3-Way Power Splitter_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT0601030627NF-1_Y03_20221201)

App4.3_Specifications of 4-Way Power Splitter_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT0601040627NF-1_Y03_20221201)

App5.1_Specifications of 6dB Directional Coupler_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT07070627NF-1_Y03_20221201)

App5.2_Specifications of 8dB Directional Coupler_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT07080627NF-1_Y03_20221201)

App5.3_Specifications of 10dB Directional Coupler_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT07100627NF-1_Y03_20221201)

App6_Specifications of 3dB Hybrid Combiner_698-2700MHz_NF_-150dBc(AT050202030627NF-1_Y03_20220921)


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