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GPS&Beidou Dual-Band Signal Transponder

GPS&Beidou Dual-Band Signal Transponder


Product Description

GPS/Beidou(BD) Dual-Band Signal Transponder is a GPS/BD signal forwarding system with low cost and high gain, which is specially designed and developed for users of different industries in the weak indoor signal and small coverage area when GPS/BD receivers are produced, tested or used.  It can be quickly locked GPS/BD satellite signal by outdoor donor antenna, linearly amplifies the satellite signal and then retransmits it via the indoor coverage antenna to the weak/blind coverage area.  So that the GPS/BD receivers within the signal coverage can receive the GPS/BD signal, realizing the function of real-time positioning timing signal enhancement. 


1. Simple operation, convenient installation.

2. There is no limit to the number of indoor GPS/BD receivers.

3. GPS/BD signal coverage area is large, up to more than 200 square meters.

4. Strong expansion performance: according to user requirements, can provide GPS/BD signal intensity adjustment;  GPS/BD antenna lightning protection; Indoor output signal increase and other supporting services.



GPS/BD receiver product testing: Factory production lines (smart phones, car navigation systems, handheld computers, tablets, electronic dogs, satellite positioning and tracking equipment, etc.), GPS laboratories, research institutions, need to test GPS/BD products, Application environment such as product performance verification.

GPS/BD signal indoor introduction coverage: Need to achieve indoor coverage of GPS/BD signals in various occasions: Aviation manufacturing, Aviation maintenance, research laboratories, underground parking, GPS/BD stores, indoor demonstration halls…

Technical Specification

Frequency Range1568±10MHz(GPS1575/BD1561)
Maximum Gain55±2dB
Noise Figure≤2.0dB
Gain of Outdoor Antenna+35dBi
Signal Coverage Radius 8-10m
Signal Output1Group
Impedance 50Ω
Connector TypeSMA-Female
Power SupplyAC100 – 240V
Dimensions 165x88x40mm
LED IndicatorPower Supply
Operating Temperature-30 ~ +85 °C
Relative Humidity Range≤ 80%(Non Condensing)


Wall Mounting
Accessories1PCS Outdoor Donor Antenna with 25meters Jumper, 1PCS Indoor Coverage Antenna with 5meters Jumper

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