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5G Power Splitter

5G Power Splitter

Model: AT060102066043F-1/AT060103066043F-1/AT06010406643F-1

Product Description

2-Way 3-Way 4-Way 5G Power Splitter With DIN Type:


2-Way 3-Way 4-Way 5G Power Splitter With N Type:


Technical Specification

Type2-Way 3-Way4-Way
Frequency Range(Customized)698~2700/2700~6000MHzMHz
Split Loss≤ 3.0dB ≤4.8dB≤ 6.0dB
Insertion Loss≤0.4dB/≤1.5dB ≤0.6dB/≤2.0dB ≤0.6dB/≤2.0dB 
Ripple≤ 0.3dB ≤ 0.4dB≤ 0.4dB
VSWR≤ 1.3/≤ 1.35≤ 1.3/≤ 1.4≤ 1.3/≤ 1.45
Impedance50 Ω
Power Handling300W(Avg.)
PIM≤-160dBc @2*43dBm
Connector Type(Customized)4.3-10 Female 
Operating Temperature-25 to +65 °C
Relative Humidity5%~95 %
Application Indoor or Outdoor(IP67)
Dimensions211x26x26 mm217x26x26 mm217x26x26 mm

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