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How to improve coverage skillfully with a TMA?


Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA), also known as Mast Head Amplifier (MHA), is a cost-effective solution for operators to enhance uplink sensitivity and thus improving the overall network performance of the BTS. It is generally installed at the top of the tower, as near as to the receiving antenna, trying best to reduce noise figure and weak signal area.

What different in ACTION TMA?


- Frequency coverage: 700MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 2100MHz, etc. 

- Multi-unit design for multi-band TMA, without disturbing other band operation and future band addition.

- Low PIM and minimized insertion loss.

- Effectively remove extra interference with built-in filter while increasing uplink signal.

- Alarm management with integrated AISG2.0.

- Supporting RF bypass and variable gain.

TMA is usually applied when unbalanced links existing in communication systems, where one link is weaker than the other; meanwhile, the distance between the neighboring BTSs is too far to make up the loss. Therefore, mobile phones will constantly be out of service within the area as their uplink signals are not able to be identified by the BTS. But with ACTION TMA, the weaker uplink signal will be apparently improved. Minimized PIM and high-quality filter components help eliminate noise figure and interference before amplifying the weak signal. Moreover, integrated AISG2.0 module allows TMA to build up simple interconnection to AISG-based equipment on the tower. Mobile phones will thus obtain normal communication. For another, operators can save tower much space and load to expand their tomorrow’s wireless services.


- Base Transceiver Stations

- Mobile masts

A well-designed and quality-oriented TMA can be an efficient instrument in addressing varying challenges of network innovation. By generations, towers grow in double, triple… and denser, there still be occasion that signal cannot reach out for mobile users, due to remote distance from BTS, barrier of buildings, complex surrounding, etc. Operators are under great pressure to cope with these challenges and delivery satisfactory network service to mobile users, that is what ACTION would like to help for. To deliver the robust uplink and alleviate tower burden, ACTION TMA has assisted worldwide operators to troubleshoot the dilemma.

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