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What is MIMO Antenna?


MIMO (multiple inputs, multiple outputs) is an antenna technology for wireless communications in which multiple antennas are used at both the source (transmitter) and the destination (receiver). The MIMO antenna has two or more antennas in a single unit. 

Why Ours MIMO Antenna?

Features of MIMO Ceiling Antenna:

Frequency coverage for 700MHz, 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz & 2100MHz, etc. A wide range of choice. 

Link reliability & Low Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) rated.

Capable of receiving both vertical and horizontal polarized signals.

Easy mount to ceiling tiles, with N-Female or 4.3-10 connector.

The featured linear radiator, with which the antenna can receive both vertical and horizontal signals, provides better overall wireless performance since it can receive signals from a wider array of devices in many different orientations. 

The low PIM high performance MIMO ceiling mounted antenna is specifically designed for in-building wireless networks such as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) which are used to distribute Cellular signals. 

The wide band design of this antenna eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. This simplifies installations since the same antenna can be used for a wide array of in-building wireless applications where wide coverage is desired. 


DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems).

In-Building cellular applications.

Public safety.

The key to provide the best performance in a DAS application is to ensure the components used are low PIM rated. This helps meet the increasing demand for higher data rates and the ability to provide streaming video for mobile devices. With a low PIM rated <-150 dBc, the MIMO antenna helps meet the most demanding PIM requirements for LTE/4G bands. 

ACTION has been providing MIMO Antennas to all over the world market, and especially proud that our MIMO Antennas were installed in Russian Stadiums contributing to the World Cup 2018.

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